Study 3 : Questions

1. Which of God's promises predicts a constant struggle between sin and the righteous?
□ The promise to Noah
□ The promise in Eden
□ The promise to David
□ The promise to Abraham 

2. Which of the following statements are true concerning the promise in Eden?
□ The seed of the serpent is Lucifer
□ Christ and the righteous are the woman's seed
□ The seed of the serpent was temporarily wounded by Christ
□ The seed of the woman was bruised by Christ's death

3. Where would Abraham's seed live for ever?
□ In Heaven
□ In the city of Jerusalem
□ On the earth
□ Some in Heaven and some on earth

4. Which of the following were promised to David?
□ That his great descendant would reign for ever
□ That his 'seed' would have a Kingdom in Heaven
□ That the seed would be God's son
□ That his seed, Jesus, would live in Heaven before birth on earth

5. How can we become the seed of Abraham?

6. Will the earth ever be destroyed?
□ Yes
□ No

7. How do God's promises prove your answer to question 6?

8. Explain the promise in Eden in Genesis 3:15