The death state 

4.1 By nature man is mortal, prone to sin, and
4.2 cursed as a result of Adam's sin.
4.3 Christ had this human nature.
4.4 The soul refers to 'us', our body, thinking or person.
4.5 The Spirit refers to our life force/breath and disposition.
4.6 No one can exist as a spirit without a body.
4.7 Death is a state of unconsciousness.
4.8 At Christ's return there will be a bodily resurrection only of those who have known the true Gospel.
4.9 Knowledge and appreciation of God's word will be the basis of the judgment.
4.10 The full granting of immortality will occur at the judgment seat.
4.11 The punishment of the responsible wicked will be eternal death.
4.12 'Hell' refers to the grave.
4.13 'Gehenna' was an area outside Jerusalem where rubbish and criminals were burnt.

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Bible Basics Chapter 4

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