The devil and satan: Christadelphian view 

6.1 The 'devil' as a word means 'false accuser' or 'slanderer'.
6.2 'Satan' as a word means 'adversary',
6.3 and can refer to both good and bad people.
6.4 Figuratively, the devil and satan can refer to sin and the flesh. Sin and temptation come from within a person.
6.5 The serpent in Eden was a literal animal;
6.6 the Genesis record of man's creation and fall is to be understood literally rather than in purely symbolic terms.
6.7 'Demons' as sinful spirits, departed spirits or forces of sin do not exist.
6.8 Christ 'casting out demons' can be understood as a piece of language which effectively means that he cured sicknesses.
6.9 Lucifer does not refer to a sinful Angel.
6.10 God is all powerful; He does not share His power with any sinful being who is opposed to His ways.
6.11 Trials in the life of a believer ultimately come from God rather than being the result of 'bad luck' or a sinful being called the devil.

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Bible Basics Chapter 6

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