Christadelphian Breaking of Bread 

Christadelphians believe in breaking bread / doing the communion service in rememberance of the Lord Jesus. Basic Bible teaching about it and a sample order of service can be found here, and a deeper study here. Many Christadelphians break bread alone or in small groups, using a sermon or "exhortation" based upon the Bible readings for the day according to the Bible Companion reading tables. There are audio files of such exhortations for every day of the year according to the New Testament readings here. Online breaking of bread services are held too. Some Christadelphian churches insist the women have their heads covered during the breaking of bread service, others don't; some allow women to lead the services, others do not. Some use unleavened bread, most do not. Some use wine, others grape juice.

Relevant videos include:  Breaking bread / doing the communion service alone with 1 Corinthians 11 | Breaking of bread communion service for a sister by a sister in Christ | Christadelphian Ecclesia: Exhortation for the breaking of bread | Christadelphian house church meeting Breaking of Bread | Breaking of bread memorial meeting, Christadelphian sisters with and without head coverings | You can break bread alone with bread and wine without a church