Brief Summary of the Bible's Message 


4-2-11 A Brief Summary Of The Bible Message:

1- There is only one God, not a 'trinity'

2- Jesus is the Son of God, not God Himself; He didn't exist before He was born. He had all our temptations and human experiences, but He never sinned. He gave His life for us in a painful death, but then, because He never sinned, God resurrected Him from the dead.

3- Through baptism into Christ by the dipping in water of an adult, we share His death and resurrection

4- so when Jesus Christ returns we will be resurrected, judged and given eternal life in His Kingdom- which will be based here on this earth. This Kingdom will be like the world was in the garden of Eden, when God first created mankind- and even better. All the problems which are now on earth- war, famine, sadness, even death itself, will be finally ended- for ever.

5- After death we are unconscious- 'hell' means just 'the grave'.

6- The soul is not immortal; we are made of dust and return to the dust. The spirit is the power of life within us, which God takes back when we die. We don't go on existing in any conscious form after death.

7- 'Satan' is a symbol for the evil human desires inside us, against which we must struggle; it is not the name of a dragon or monster that exists. God is 100% powerful; He doesn't share His power with 'satan'. All our problems come from God, not satan, and therefore there is a positive spiritual purpose to them.

8- By reading the Bible for ourselves we can find the true way to God.

I do appeal to you, to study these things, and give yourself no rest until you have come to surely know the true Gospel. I do so hope you will study our free Bible study course; and set yourself the aim, to be baptized one day, by dipping in water. Then you will surely have the hope of eternal life. OK we can't imagine eternal life. I can only suggest we imagine a long, long line, with no end, stretching on into the distance; and we in this life are just a few millimetres at the start of it. This really is our hope, if we are baptized into Jesus and live in Him. I plead with you, to take all this seriously, and not treat it as mere religion, as just something ordinary.

The purpose of Jesus Christ and the doctrines about Him which are found in the Bible was to radically transform human life in practice. There is a real basis for authority in Christianity- the Bible. Islam lacks this. All you can do is to read the Bible for yourself. Pray to the one true God for guidance, that He will bring you closer to Himself. Consider the real possibility that you could be baptized into the death and resurrection of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. I urge you to give yourself no rest about these matters. Contact us for free literature and a free Bible study manual, available in over 35 languages, which will enable you to systematically study the Bible in your own home at your own pace. May God bless you.