The nature of the Lord Jesus Christ 

8.1 The 'trinity' as widely understood in Christendom is a doctrine which is not taught in the Bible.
8.2 Jesus had human nature,
8.3 but had a perfect, sinless character.
8.4 Jesus experienced all our temptations
8.5 Jesus was resurrected after His death on the cross.

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Bible Basics Chapter 8

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We have a dedicated website about issues relating to the Trinity and whether the Lord Jesus was God at or see here . Some of the difficult passages on this theme are discussed here . And here's a transcript of a debate about these issues so you can see both sides of the story

1.1 Jesus Christ And The Trinity- What Does The Bible Say? Transcript Of A Debate (With Leslie Everitt, Bromley Christian Centre, Bromley UK 1988) Mr. Heaster’s first speech: The non-trinitarian position | Mr. Everitt’s first speech: Bible evidence for the trinity. The trinitarian position | Mr. Heaster’s second speech : Bible evidence against the trinity | Mr. Everitt’s second speech: Jesus is both God and man | Questions from the floor QUESTIONS FROM THE FLOOR FOR MR. HEASTER Alpha and omega | The doctrine of the Trinity | The meaning of logos | QUESTIONS FROM THE FLOOR FOR MR. EVERITT The Nicean Creed | Co-equal and co-eternal | Jesus is not God | Jesus as mediator | Christ and sin | Summation by Mr. Heaster: The seed of Abraham | Summation by Mr. Everitt: Ego eimi : I am he | Concluding remarks by Chairman