The Nicean Creed

I would like to ask Mr. Everitt why it is, and he hasn’t addressed this point, that we have none of the Trinitarian expressions found in the Bible. Nowhere do we read of God the Son or God the Holy Spirit. Nowhere do we read of Christ being co-equal or co-eternal. Is it true that these expressions were formulated in the Church in about the fourth century A.D. and such things as the Nicean Creed, they are not found in the Bible.

I would like that to be answered, about the Nicean Creed.


Firstly, the term Trinity, as I think Mr. Heaster has already said came into use early in the third century. The idea that is embodied in the Nicean Creed of 325 A.D., or rather the ideas are simply an attempt to give a rational expression in the thought system of those days to the truth of Scripture.

As regards Christ being equal with God, I would point out that Philippians says “who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God”.