The Spirit Intercedes 



Do we have any questions for ….oh. [Sees many questions for Marie] I see Marie has got quite a few more questions here and only ten minutes to answer. I think that we’re going to have to be rather selective about the questions here. And we’re not going to (as I sort through these here) we’re not going to hold this against your time. Ok. [Speaks with audience as more questions are brought forth for Duncan and Marie] Marie, in Romans 8:26, what is your interpretation of the scripture that says, “The Spirit intercedes for us with groans that cannot be uttered”. Romans 8:26.


Uh, the Spirit intercedes for us. When we start praying, seeking God, and uh….then sometimes we can’t get the words out. The words will not come that you need, those of you that ain’t used to praying. You may moan a little bit, “Lord Jesus” and the Spirit, he makes intercession for us. Praise God. He makes the intercession… we tell it, talk to him, try to talk to him all we can’t say and he takes it to the head place. Praise God, for us. That was it. Thank you Jesus.