Fruit and gifts of the Spirit 



Thank you Duncan. Marie, one last question for you. Galatians 5: The fruit of the Spirit does not list speaking in tongues or healing, but love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, faith, goodness, tolerance, and self-control. These things show who has the real spirit of Christ. And I presume the question is: Can you comment on why it is that Galatians 5 does not list speaking in tongues or healing as one of the fruits of the spirit.


One is fruit, and one is the gifts. The fruit comes with this and with the Holy Ghost. That’s where the power comes, where you can love one another. Where you can love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. You can love one another. Praise God. This is not just…just “philia” love (or one of the other). This is “agape” love. I love you in spite of. And this comes by the Holy Ghost. I don’t believe anybody can do it, except by that. This is the, one of the fruits of the Spirit…name of joy – whatever it named in that. Praise God. These are the fruits of the Spirit. When you can receive the Spirit of God, those fruits come in your life. We ought to be glad to receive his power working in us It ought to live like that, right here in this present world. Have someone that can keep you and guide you and lead you into all truths. And the gifts, Praise God, was just for those that would do those works. That were around Christ. To do those works for them or through them. Praise God. So we want to – let’s continue, let’s believe. All things are possible to him that believeth, Praise God. God in the 104 Psalms, I believe it was, where it said “Bless the Lord who forgiveth all our iniquity and who healeth all of our diseases. Praise God. God is still working, He is working. He’s not resting anymore. Praise God , He is working. He is working through us. He has no hands to use but your hands. Has no feet, no mouth or nothing without you. Why not present your bodies to Him a living sacrifice and let Christ work through us. Praise God. Let the fruit of the Spirit be in our lives. The fruit, we cannot get it any other way. Praise God. We can try, but you know anything…it’s not working. But with the Spirit of Christ in your life. You wonder why some are so, so nice, so good. Praise God, which none is good, save the Lord. But what makes the difference? It takes the Holy Ghost, the power, praise God, to work through us. I want to say this little bit. In your kitchen you may have different gadgets. Can openers, and knife, Praise God…different things that run by electricity. Your microwave, whatever. Lots of things run in your kitchen that are working by electricity. The same way with us – Praise God – Christ is that light bulb. He is the electricity. And unless you’re plugged up with him, you’ve just got a microwave sitting there.


Thank you very much Marie. We will now, to sum up the debate, we will have five-minute summaries. Duncan will go first with his five-minute summary then we’ll let Marie have the final five minutes.