Holy Spirit Gifts Not Taken Away 



Thank you Duncan. We will now turn it over to Marie. And Marie you will have 10 minutes, plus you have 1 minute that you banked from your first portion if you desire to take that.

Pastor Battle’s Second Speech

Ok. I don’t see why God would take away His gifts, using His children now as He did then. Holy Spirit gifts were not taken away. I don’t know if some claim to have gotten greater than God, that we don’t need Him anymore. The Word tell us that these things were written for our ammunition, for our example. And I believe that whatever was done in the Bible, I believe it that much, that it can be done today; if you will allow it. You must be born again….you must be born again is what Jesus told Nicodemus. And don’t just be supposing that we have it. But be sure, very sure that we go according to God’s Word. In reference to faith, there sat a certain man at Lystra, it pulled him to his feet, being a cripple from his mother’s womb who never walked. And in Hebrews it tells us faith come by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. You read, study God’s Word, hear the Word, Praise God.

When I look and see how God divided the Red Sea, Praise God, he caused the axe head to swim; so many great things that He did. He’s the same God to me today, Praise God. And He can use… He’s still using whom He will. Uh…and this didn’t just stop with this man’s feet; the one whose feet got healed. He’s healing feet today. Praise God. We need our feet today too don’t we? But it takes faith. Even if you’re using the podiatrist or whoever, you still need faith. You need faith. To believe for your healing. And we believe by Jesus’ stripes, you are healed. Praise God. And I believe healing goes right along with salvation. When Jesus was here, he talked as much about being saved, heavenly salvation. And he did…. whenever he did more miracles too of healing the sick, raising the dead, and maybe we don’t need that today. Maybe you don’t need to raise any dead. But that is enough for me, to look in the Word of God. To believe that God is the same God and has all power in His hands. He loves you.

I don’t see why He’d just take your goodies from you now, in a time that we need it and then give them back to you when Jesus comes back we don’t need it. We’re gonna be like him. We’re gonna be changed in the twinkling of an eye. We’re gonna be changed from mortal to immortality. In the twinkling of an eye. We don’t need it then! Of course tongues and prophesy and all that cease, you live long enough it’s gonna cease. Praise God, knowledge and all that. You get older and you can’t, Praise God, you’re not where you were when you were younger. God is the same today, Praise God. His gift and His calling is without repentance. God has not changed, He will not change, He doesn’t change. Thank the Lord. And the same here Paul speak, who steadfast beholding him and perceived that he had faith to be healed. That faith has to be there first. Everybody’s doesn’t have the faith. But if you listen and …to truth, the Word of God, your faith will be built…it will be built, so that you can believe. Praise God. The Word say, how can we believe in him who we have not heard? Praise God. How can you believe if it’s not being told to you, not being preached to you these days? Praise God. So uh…let us hold on to faith, Praise God. Seek God for faith. Faith is the evidence of things that’s hoped for. Praise God. Thank you Lord. Faith is the substance of things that we don’t see. That what you see – that what you think you see? That’s not faith. Faith works with…you don’t see anything. Praise God. You just believe – believe God’s Word. And they say here, Paul and said with a loud voice, “Stand up here on your feet.” And he leaped and he walked. He still, Praise God, I believe God is doing the same thing today. Amen.

In reference to healing, they brought to the Pharisees him that was blind. He healed the blind. Praise God it was the Sabbath day and when Jesus made the day…the clay and put it on his eyes, Praise God. And he doesn’t have to put any clay on our eyes today, Praise God. That was for that man, a way to be healed. And for us, the looking and seeing an example of how he can work. He works instantly. He told some said, as you go, and they will be healed. Once again, it’s faith. Praise God, it’s faith. And a prayer of faith shall save…it tells if any sick among you, then call for the elders of the church. If the elders of the church don’t believe in it, if the elders of the church don’t preach it, well you have to call for somewhere else. Thank you Lord. And also, Praise God. And a prayer of faith shall save. And let them pray over him, anointing him with oil, in the name of the Lord.

Well, what I’m hearing here this evening, you don’t use any of these things. You just live. You just live that’s all, just live. But Jesus, he has his eyes on us. He said my ears are not too heavy that I can’t hear. My hand’s are not too short that I can’t save. Praise God. He is still working. Amen. Thank you Lord. Is there any sick, they should call for the elders of the church. A prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up. If he has committed sin they shall be forgiven him. It’s funny how, thank you Lord, how they can believe they can do sinful things daily, over and over, over and over. And I can just get down at night (someone says) and get forgiveness, Praise God. And cannot get forgiveness for the other things, how God is working with us here. Praise God. As I have said, I talk about myself, Praise God. Telling you what God has done. How He brought me this far, Praise God. And I’m out here to lift him up, Amen. I didn’t stop witness. I wasn’t there when he told…sent forth the people, Praise God and said go. Thank you Lord, he said go out there and witness…you shall be my witness after the Holy Ghost has come. He didn’t take the witness from me. I got the witness. Amen. Thank you Lord, according to His Word. And according to the Spirit of God, the power of God is now working in me. You may can’t see it, that’s the trouble, to many are looking at outward appearance. But God looks at your heart. [begins speaking in tongues] Glory. I don’t mean to do this. Praise God, thank you Lord. Yes, Lord, he’s a witness, himself. He witnesses, he backs up his word. Thank you Lord. He promised he wouldn’t let you be made ashamed, Praise God, neither be confounded. Amen. [Time to stop?]


You have 10 seconds.


[Ten seconds?] Oh, you’re gonna make us shout then. Shouting is in this. Glorifying God is in this. Praising God is in this. Thank you, Lord.


Thank you.


And HE wants His people to do this.