Hinduism And Christianity: The Practical Difference 


7.5 Hinduism And Christianity: The Practical Difference

The hope for transformation is not within us, but without us in the person of God. The inner man has been corrupted and we need the saving hand of God. It is through His undeserved mercies and grace that He first works. As we walk with Him, He teaches us His ways and transforms us through His word to be more and more like His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hinduism tends towards passivity; Hindu prayer is overridden by a sense of being at the mercy of the fated will of gods and goddesses. And this sense of resignation leads to passivity. The true Christian approach to prayer is different; Biblical examples of prayer are of tears and passion. This arises from the knowledge that we personally are in a one-to-one relationship with the one true God, our Father, who is passionately willing to change things for the sake of our prayers, and who is willing to consider our life position and feelings; a God with whom we can wrestle in prayer, as the difficult children we are, as He leads us towards a real and tangible salvation in His Kingdom.