Introducing Bible Basics

Introducing Bible Basics is a 100 page summary of Bible Basics.
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Bible Basics

Bible Basics is a 380 page book explaining the basic message of the Bible and original Christianity.
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Debating Bible Basics

Wide range of material in connection with basic doctrine: the Trinity, pre-existence of Jesus, the devil, satan and demons, should we keep the sabbath, Christian response to Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, are the gifts of the Holy Spirit possessed today etc.
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The Real Christ

Beginning with basic Bible teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ, this book proceeds to deconstruct the popular Trinitarian view of Jesus. But it doesn't leave us with nothing in its place. It explores at great depth the character of the Lord Jesus, using close study of the Biblical text to perform a kind of archaeology of ancient personality. And it pursues to the end the cardinal point: that knowing the real Christ is the essence of true Christianity, both now and eternally.
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The Real Devil likely not who or what you think it is. The Real Devil combines detailed Bible study with piercing personal and devotional challenge, ever seeking to bring out the crucial relationship between doctrine and practice, demonstrating that the ultimate power of true theology is in the radical transformation of human life in practice.
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A World Waiting to be Won

Preaching the Gospel to the world- motivation and attitude of the preacher / missionary, the value of persons, the great commission etc.
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From Milk to Meat

Studies in the basic Christian life and discussion of Christian problems. What it means to be in Christ, Christian marriage, the breaking of bread, how to study the Bible, types, six literal days of creation debate, etc.
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The Power of Basics

The implications of the basic doctrines of the Gospel: the importance of doctrine, the practical meaning of the humanity of Christ, conditional immortality, hell as the grave, covenant relationship etc.
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The implications of the basic doctrines of the Gospel: the importance of doctrine, the practical meaning of the humanity of Christ, conditional immortality, hell as the grave, covenant relationship etc.
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Bible Lives

Character studies of many Bible characters, including that of the Lord Jesus: Abraham, Jacob, David, Samson, Solomon, Elijah, the exiles, Jeroboam, Paul, the disciples, Peter, Joanna, Mary Magdalene, the early church.
Free Download: Job and the Patriarchs
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Free Download: The Exiles
Free Download: The Women in the Life of Jesus
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James and Other Studies

James and Other Studies

Exposition of the letter of James verse by verse with digressions about the Septuagint, Holy Spirit etc.
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NEV Bible

NEV Bible with Commentary

New European Version with commentary.
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Other books about basic doctrine

Other Books About Basic Doctrine

Free Download: Jesus for Buddists
Free Download: Jesus for Jews
Free Download: Jesus for Moslems
Other books about basic doctrine

Verse by Verse Old Testament Commentaries

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Genesis PDF | .epub  | .mobi  | Exodus PDF |.epub| .mobi | Leviticus PDF |.epub| .mobi | Numbers PDF |.epub| .mobi | Deuteronomy PDF |.epub| .mobi | Joshua PDF |.epub| .mobi |  Judges PDF |.epub| .mobi | Ruth PDF |.epub| .mobi | 1 Samuel PDF |.epub| .mobi | 2 Samuel PDF |.epub| .mobi | 1 Kings PDF |.epub| .mobi | 2 Kings PDF |.epub| .mobi | 1 Chronicles PDF |.epub| .mobi | 2 Chronicles PDF |.epub| .mobi | Ezra PDF |.epub| .mobi | Nehemiah PDF |.epub| .mobi | Esther PDF |.epub| .mobi | Job PDF |.epub| .mobi | Psalms PDF |.epub| .mobi | Proverbs PDF |.epub| .mobi | Ecclesiastes PDF |.epub| .mobi | Song of Solomon PDF |.epub| .mobi | Isaiah PDF |.epub| .mobiJeremiah PDF |.epub |  .mobi | Lamentations PDF |.epub | .mobi | Ezekiel PDF |.epub| .mobi | Daniel PDF |.epub| .mobi | Hosea PDF |.epub| .mobi | Joel PDF |.epub| .mobi | Amos PDF |.epub| .mobi | Obadiah PDF |.epub| .mobi | Jonah PDF |.epub| .mobi | Micah PDF |.epub| .mobi | Nahum PDF |.epub| .mobi | Habakkuk PDF |.epub| .mobi | Zephaniah PDF |.epub| .mobi | Haggai PDF |.epub| .mobi | Zechariah PDF |.epub| .mobi | Malachi PDF |.epub| .mobi

Verse by Verse New Testament Commentaries

Verse by Verse  New Testament Commentaries

Free Download: Matthew
Free Download: Mark
Free Download: Luke
Free Download: John
Free Download: Acts
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Other books about basic doctrine

Old and New Testament - Complete Commentaries

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Daily Bible Reading Commentary

Daily Bible Readings - Commentary



Free Download: The Last Days
Free Download: The Islamic State in Bible Prophecy
Free Download: Judgment to Come
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Free Download: The Death of The Cross
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