Jesus For Muslims - Introduction | Is The Bible The Unaltered Word Of God? Transcript Of A Debate (With Katherine Kullman And The Submission Organization)  Duncan Heater’s First Speech: The Writers Of The Bible  |  The Quran Scriptures  |  Katherine Kullman’s First Speech:  The Islamic Perspective On The Bible  |  Gematria And Quran  |   Jesus And The Quran  |  Mr. Heaster’s Response Speech:  Gematria And Numerology  |  Gematria And Hebrew Words  | Problems With Gematria  |  The Muslim Response Second Speech: Christian Criticisms Of Islam Answered  | Final Statement From Duncan Heaster:  The Quran As A Miracle  |  A Brief Summary Of The Bible Message  |  Muslim Final Statement:  The Quran Code  |  Additional Comment: The Quran states that the word of God cannot be altered

Prologue: What Abraham / Ibrahim Believed About Jesus  |  What The Bible Says About Jesus  |  Al Masih The Birth Of Jesus  |  "Say not 'trinity" : The Nature of Jesus  | The Qur'an And The Death Of Jesus  |  Evidence For The Resurrection Of Jesus  |  The Swoon Theory  |  The Crucifixion Substitute Theory  |  The Qur'an And The Ascension Of Jesus  Islam And The Return Of Jesus  |  Man's Need For The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus  The Qur’an Or The Bible? Problems With The Qur’an  |  Problems With The Ahadith  |  Muslim Criticisms Of The Bible Answered  |  The Bible: Written By Inspiration  |  The Missing Body Of Jesus  |  Islamic Claims About Muhammad  |  Islam And Women

Video: Approaching Non Christian Religions  |  Mahdi, Islamic Jihad Theology Fulfilling Bible Prophecy - Moslem Invasion of Israel. Dabiq analyzed | Antichrist in Bible Prophecy: Moslem Caliph, man of sin  |  Seven trumpets of Revelation 8: wormwood, Woe to Israel from Islamic  invasion ISIS, Islamic State in Syria and Iraq: Significance in Bible prophecy sunni shia division, Assyria

Audio: Approaching non Christian religions  |  1999 debate with Moslems in Guyana Re Christ's Resurrection - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4